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Why should you care about Invincible Season 2?

Comic Book Adaptations

Nia DaCosta, film director of the latest MCU movie The Marvels, said that superhero fatigue exists. That the people aren’t interested in superheroes anymore. Which isn’t inherently true, we just hate horrible writing. There is a remedy to that! Playing off the tropes off just about every comic book hero you know. A series that, at first glance, feels like a shallow DC joke. To truly be invested in such a franchise, the viewer simply has to be- 

Season 2, episode 1. All I wanted for Christmas this year. 32 long months we were left waiting. But what about that wait, makes the release of this season so rewarding?

Actual Synopsis!

Before I get into the meat and gritty, let it be known that this is NOT a safe space for spoiler free reading. There will be characters mentioned and stories elaborated on that simply can’t be avoided. If you plan to watch season 2, or even get into the series and start with the first season, then shoo!

The first episode of season 2, A Lesson for Your Next Life, wastes no time inviting us back into Mark Graysons life. Dealing with the absolutely traumatic climax of the last season, Mark tries his best to give back to the world despite his best efforts. 

A montage of heroic deeds plays, as Radiohead’s track Karma Police plays onwards in the background. Mark wants to get back into the superhero scene but Cecil, the invincible version of Nick Fury, refuses to let him back into the fray. Fearful that Mark hasn’t fully recovered mentally from his father and the fight in Chicago. This is a pivotal theme that plays through the 4 episodes, tying down an anchor for character development as we watch Mark mature and gain a new perspective of his role in life.

Following the rush of storytelling, the season wastes no time to introduce long term threats: Angstrom Levy, another key antagonist in Mark’s growth. We only get snippets of Angstrom, from the focus of the first episode to end credits teasing his upcoming involvement.

The episodes go on, expanding on the lasting actions of Omni-Man. We get scenes of Invincible having to make amends in places such as the fictional Atlantis, now without a ruler due to his father. Cecil still continues to try and control Mark, as he has him contain and fix the issues. This openly backfires, as Mark makes his own choices and goes against Cecil’s orders, creating a further divide between the two. 

Episode 3 expands on Mark’s love life and- Nope we take a dramatic detour. A 3rd person narrative break occurs, and the focus shifts to Allen the Alien, the orange cyclops from season 1. We learn of his background, creation, and his role in the bigger whole of the story. This also includes his involvement with the Coalition of Planets, a union of oppressed alien governments fighting against a tyrant alien force. 


These first 3 episodes set a noticeably fast pace for the rest of the season. Already we watched Allen take one for the team, and the introduction of the Coalition of Planets. Things the fanbase assumed would be towards the end half of the season, not right at the start. 

Don’t even get me started on how episode 4 went. It sets the pacing even faster than before, following the climax of the 3rd. The reveals were well worth the wait, so again, go watch it yourself. 

Despite how on paper you could assume the story is rushed, it isn’t. Season 2 created a blend of character development while accelerating the core aspects and plots of the story in a cohesive way that makes you want to watch the next episode. 

Going forward predictions

My personal thoughts and ideas really started to flesh out with the end of the first half of the season. It’s clear the stage is being set for multiple storylines to happen and end during the next 4 episodes. 

It could even be said that Angstrom might die this season, leading to events such as the Invincible war. This could lead into the introduction of Conquest as the climax for the season.

A man who breaks hearts.

Of course this is all speculation and self interest that creates these tangled webs of manic theory crafting for self enjoyment. But the cliffhangers presented leave a lot to be desired, and excitement to be had.

If you are curious about watching this season, please do it’s fantastic. Oh, and when will the next 4 episodes be released?

Sometime 2024.

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