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District Budget Re-Hash

District Budget Re-Hash

Olene Ordonez, Reporter March 8, 2024

In preparation for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year, the Northshore School District has been engaged in a bargaining process to discuss agreements for open contracts (a type of contract without a specific...

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Ski Day Guide

Vee Morello, Staff Editor January 25, 2024

Let’s be honest: ski trips are an expensive way to spend the day. The tickets alone are a large expense, let alone the proper gear, equipment rentals, food, and lessons that can quickly add up. The...

Girls Wrestling: Boosted

Girls Wrestling: Boosted

Sadie Berry, Staff Reporter January 9, 2024

The North Creek girl’s wrestling team has gained an influx of players, and it’s sending them beyond the bounds of the district. In this season of girls wrestling, the roster has increased from under...

Freewave 3 Album Cover


Massimo Resendiz, Staff Reporter January 8, 2024

Lucki, born and raised in Chicago as Lucki Camel Jr, emerged as a distinctive voice within the realm of hip hop, recognized for his introspective lyrics, laid-back delivery, and candid storytelling....

Baldurs Gate 3 Gameplay sourced from Cuauhtemoc Yanez

Baldur’s Gate 3

Cuauhtemoc Yanez, Staff Editor December 13, 2023

I am no stranger to RPGs (role playing games), with titles such as Skyrim, Fallout, Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic, and Dark Souls under my belt I’ve spent plenty of time exploring their intricacies....

Books to Read Before Graduation

Books to Read Before Graduation

Ruby Chacon, Editor December 13, 2023

This year, as of December, I have read 48 books. As a reader who doesn’t latch on to any certain genre or writing style, I have the opportunity to explore books written by a myriad of authors for a variety...

College Stress in a New Age

College Stress in a New Age

Ria Badya, Staff Reporter December 12, 2023

With college applications finally slowing down, one would imagine this takes a load off of many seniors' backs, however, they'd be wrong. College stress remains prevalent, rearing its ugly head throughout...

Books coming out in the 2024 School Year

Books coming out in the 2024 School Year

Priya Balla, Staff Reporter December 5, 2023

Less than 20% of teenagers read regularly while more than 80% go on social media everyday. Reading regularly is an excellent habit that every teenager should cultivate. It helps to improve your vocabulary,...

Liv Kelstrop, Kamilla L, Sadie Wright, Addison Beam, and coxswain Jane Taylor row in the Frostbite Regatta at Greenlake. The boat finished 3rd in their heat.

A Combined Crew Rows On

Ria Badya, Staff Reporter November 26, 2023

They roll up to the catch and square their oars, preparing for the coxswain to call their first stroke. It is the moment right before all the oars sync up perfectly, as the athletes pull themselves down...

Effects of Negativity

Priya, Balla November 26, 2023

Negativity is a pervasive force that can impact anyone, but it can have particularly severe consequences for teenagers. The teenage years are a time of immense growth, both emotionally and physically,...

Senioritis: What is it?

Ria Badya, Staff Reporter November 26, 2023

  A 17 year old wakes up one day feeling unusually unmotivated. No homework has been done from the night before, and they feel the sudden urge to skip school for the rest of the week. Their attendance...

Budget Editorial

With the proposed cuts unveiled by North Shore School District, it is the opinion of this paper’s editorial board that the proposed cuts pose a legitimate pedagogical concern. That is to say that these...

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