Band/Orchestra Performance Plans

Serene Baddar, Staff Writer

     Because of the pandemic, the majority of schools have been closed until further notice—including extracurriculars like music and drama. North Creek High School’s musicians are used to performing and practising right next to each other. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, students are unable to experience the same interactions that they once had. Instead, they are adapting to these distanced circumstances.

     Orchestra students have been planning an online performance for a few months now. Their performance process starts with students recording a video of themselves playing their instrument. In the end, all the videos are added together, making one big video. This will make it seem that the class is performing together and live.

     However, this way of performing is not enjoyable in the student’s eyes. Students prefer to perform together as a group and in person rather than through a screen.  “I personally don’t really like it since I’ve been doing orchestra because I like the feeling of playing together in-person and hearing the vibration of the music, whereas for online concerts you don’t go anywhere and you have to do everything yourself,” said North Creek High School sophomore Mei Watanabe. 

     The band, on the other hand, has not been doing any performing so far. Due to the recent passing of their teacher, it has been difficult for the students to adjust to the loss, and to perform at all. “It’s quite impossible to play all together through zoom so instead we use music websites to keep our music reading skills steady,” said North Creek High School senior Emily Pak. In the meantime, band students have been practicing their music reading skills in order for them to be ready to play when they get back on campus one day.

    Like orchestra students, band students have not been enjoying the shift online. “It’s a drag,” said Pak. B.