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Work-Wear Cosplay

Heavy-Duty work-wear is suddenly, sadly, in vogue

Originally Published in the March 8th Print Publication

The authenticity and utility that comes with workwear has been valued for decades, the durability, functionality, and timeless design paired with the Sturdy Jeans, Work jackets, and classic chore coats, outshines the fast fashion constantly being produced. Workwear is built to last and withstand the demands of everyday life.

Brands that focus on that heavily would be Carhartt, Dickies, and Wrangler, all big brands among everyday working class, and teenagers that want dress well, Carhartt has been dominating since the beginning of the 2020’s with the iconic articles of clothing like the double knees, detroit work jackets, and carpenters. Wanted new by blue collar workers, yet wanted beat up and dirty by the youth, it’s a never ending battle between both groups to get their hands on well constructed workwear

Nostalgia and Heritage play a factor, the nostalgic appeal for workwear, evokes images of the Americana and bygone era of manual labor, for the younger generation that may feel disconnected with their roots or want a sense of authenticity in an increasingly digitized world created by the media, embracing workwear can be a way to connect with the past and pay homage to the laborers that built America.

In the another sense that also wearing workwear without working an actual blue collar job can seem as a form of rebellion or a rejection to the mainstream fashion trends, in a generation that places value on the logos and symbols of name brands, opting out for utilitarian workwear can be a way to eliminate the norm that clothing defines one’s worth or identity

Workwears emphasis on practicality and versatility makes it appealing to those from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles, whether you’re a student, artist, freelancer, or even an office worker, workwear pieces can seamlessly integrate into a vast variety of wardrobes and also be worn and styled in countless ways. Wearing a denim shirt with tailored trousers for a polished casual look to layering a detroit jacket over a hoodie for added warmth, the possibilities are endless.

The aesthetic appeal that workwear has beyond its practicality and cultural significance, the appeal resonates with many people. The rugged yet simplicity of denim and canvas used to make the clothes, workwear fabrics and silhouettes makes them effortless to wear, that is able to be worn throughout the seasons. Whether you’re drawn to the rugged industrial sense of a Detroit jacket, or vintage-inspired charm of carpenters, there’s something inherently stylish about workwear that appeals to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Why wearing second hand workwear is good, sustainability and “Ethical Consumption”. As awareness of environmental and ethical issues surrounding the fashion industry continues to grow, many consumers are looking for sustainable alternatives to fast fashion, seeking brands that prioritize sustainability and ethical production practices, brands like Carhartt that emphasize durability and craftsmanship, align with the values and offer a more sustainable alternative to disposable clothing. Investing in high quality clothing made to last, individuals can reduce their environmental footprint, and contribute to a more sustainable fashion ecosystem.

As the trend of wearing workwear has blown up, the brands that have built themselves around workwear have started to embrace it as well, carhartt making its sister brand Carhartt WIP (Work In Progress) WIP works on getting old silhouettes and elevating them to match the new trends and phases that come and go. Collaborating with brands like Marni, Sacai, Undercover, etc. Dickies has been collaborating with Supreme for a few years now, turning classic silhouettes into streetwear classics. Label bombing sweaters and jackets, yet at the same time keeping it simple. Nike has also gotten their hands on this market with Eminem x Carhartt air Jordan 4’s that go for around 60 grand as of now. As well as other classic models of shoes The Air force one has also been used by Carhartt.

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