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Five Nights at Freddies

The Movie
From left to right, Bonnie, Freddy, and Chica

The extremely hyped up movie that many people have been counting the minutes until the release date, but the question is, is the movie living up to the hype?

Starting off with the cast, the movie stars Josh Hutcherson as Mike Schmidt, Matthew Lillard as William Afton, Elizabeth Lail as Vanessa Afton, Piper Rubio as Abby Schmidt, and Mary Stuart Masterson as Aunt Jan.

As the budget for this movie was $25 Million, is on the lower end of the spectrum, as the movie average is about $60 million, makes this movie even better due to the fact that it has a lower budget. Yes, it has made an incredible profit, as in total the box office raised $227 million since it came out. 

The movie follows mid 20 year old Mike Schmidt who is having financial problems and has to take care of his 10 year old sister, in order to keep her out of his aunt’s custody. He, having an interesting criminal background, trying to find a job, ends up getting a gig as a night guard at this creepy pizzeria that many kids used to play in with the robots. Throughout the movie, he learns more and more about the robots’ murderous tendencies, kidnapping and killing innocent children and nightguards. 

One thing that was incredible during the movie was the storyline, as the way that director Emma Tammi gelled the movie together worked out extremely well, as the movie was super engaging and entertaining to watch, as many didn’t know what was going to happen next. This reason alone made the movie incredible, as many people watched the movie because they played the horror video games before, as that is what the movie is based on. The setting was exquisite and looked almost perfect compared to the game, as bloomhouse did a spectacular job converting the game into the movie. 

Something in the movie that was underrated is the special effects. As many would fail creating robots that look very realistic, but surprisingly the director made the robots realistic enough to where it looked impressive. Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, Golden Freddie, Foxy, and Carl the cupcake, all looked rustic, unique, and it made the movie spectacular.

A thing throughout the movie that didn’t make a lot of sense, was the relationship between Mike and Vanessa, both just met each other, and are already sharing their feelings, which made it very confusing. Yes, Vanessa is the Cop, but Mike said many things that a cop did not need to know, and is very personal to him, such as his brother getting kidnapped, he is having sleep problems, and is having nightmares every night about his brother getting taken. It was something that felt out of place in the movie.

Overall, the movie was a big success, many loved the movie, and made an incredible $202 Million profit. It is definitely worth the watch, as the movie is engaging, energetic, spirited, and is comedic. 

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