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Problems With Modern Entertainment

In today’s world, entertainment has become a significant part of people’s lives. With the advance of the internet, people have accessibility to a wide array of newer entertainment options. However, with modern entertainment comes modern problems. One of the major issues is the trend of remakes and reboots of old movies and TV shows. While some remakes and reboots have been successful, many of them are not needed and disappointing to fans of the original works.

One of the main reasons for the trend of reboots is the need to capitalize off of the millennial audiences. Many studios think that by giving old movies and TV shows a follow up, they can sort of hit the jackpot. However, this strategy often backfires, as fans of the original works are often disappointed with the new adaptations, and new audiences feel a bit disappointed because they have never asked or wanted these remakes in the first place. When newer audiences make older entertainment more normalized between them it relights the spark.

Another issue with the trend of remakes and reboots is the focus on profit over quality. Many studios are more focused on making money than creating high quality content again with capitalizing off of the millennial audience . This can lead to rushed productions and poor adaptations that fail to capture the magic of the original works. The younger audiences have even felt this sort of feeling when it comes to original and iconic work, for example even how kids nowadays still love and feel the innocence in the original disney princess movies and since now all these reboots are changing them trying to make them more ¨modern¨ when all these movies needed were to be kept on the high pedestal they were already on and not to be touched or changed.

Despite these issues, there have been some successful remakes and reboots in recent years. For example, the 2019 live action remake  of “Aladdin” was a critical and commercial success, earning over $1.054 billion at the box office and receiving numerous award nominations. It is essential for studios to understand that not all the remakes will be successful, and that quality will and should always be a top priority. 

In conclusion, while modern entertainment gives us a wide range of options, the trend of remakes and reboots can be both a blessing and a curse. While some adaptations are successful, many are unnecessary and disappointing to fans of the original works. It is needed for studios to focus on quality over profit and to recognize that not all remakes and reboots will be successful. But overall, when these big studios take these iconic movies to make a modernized and more ¨up to date¨ versions it starts to become a lot more tacky and not very appealing, but for the studios that are there to reboot something while upholding the heartfelt nostalgia, by keeping the same tone the show or movie or band had years ago, it’s definitely one of the things that many nostalgia filled adults and even clueless kids would crave for.

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