New District Guidelines are a Promising Step for Fall Sports


Ryan Aceto, Sports Writer

     On the night of Wednesday, February 10th student-athletes and coaches lined up in cars to receive Covid tests, paving the way for scholastic athletics to resume in the Northshore school district. This is the latest step in a plan that has gone back and forth between the district on how students are able to do conditioning, and some group workouts in a time where uncertainty is prominent.

     The KingCo conference had originally scheduled for sports conditioning to begin as early as February 1st, but that wasn’t the case as the district was still trying to nail down safety protocols for coaches and players. The athletic directors of all KingCo school’s had to make the tough choice of sending out the final decision that was made to the players and parents along with the reason why they pushed back the original start date.

     “One of the things that went into conditioning not starting had to do with the Covid numbers in the county. The district watches those numbers to determine when and how we would move forward” said athletic director Melton Jefferson III. 

     “I for one was not the happiest because I feel that the requirements they had were good. The original requirements were for us to stay in our assigned group, be in groups of six people, and stay socially distanced from the other groups. It is a must that when the conditioning workout is over, not to go around everyone and hang out because they could cancel the conditioning for good if we were caught doing that,” said senior football player Ty Pumma.

     Many coaches were upset but understood why this choice was made, and why it is the right choice that needed to be made for the safety of everyone participating.

     “I wish things were different, but I understand why the decision was made to push back conditioning and I support those in charge who made it. I would love nothing more than to be outside preparing athletes for the sports season because I really enjoy that part of the process” said Varsity baseball coach Russell Walker. 

     It appeared  unpromising that students would get conditioning but the Northshore school district managed to allow for Covid testing every Wednesday from 6-9pm for all fall sports athletes. This will allow for players and coaches to safely participate in these events. 

     “We were lucky enough to have the opportunity we have which is having our own school provided Covid testing sight, so we can make sure our athletes and coaches are as safe as they could be to perform well in practices and eventually games,” said Jefferson.

     After word got out about the new Covid testing at North Creek starting on Wednesday, February 9th, the excitement grew immensely. Coaches and players of all sports were all waiting for something like this to happen, now players and coaches have something they can all look forward to.

     “The new Covid testing that’ll be happening at North Creek is pretty exciting, all this means is that we’re one step closer in the right direction of real practices and eventually games. Athletes need sports and so having this is a good sight to see,” said Walker

     Athletes pitched in their thoughts along with their built-up excitement for this season to finally start. For many seniors, this could be their last chance to prove their worth at the next level and to help their recruitment. 

     “It’s pretty exciting to finally know that we’ll get the chance to finish our high school sports career the right way with having a season, it isn’t the full season that us seniors would’ve liked to get, but it’s still something and we need to make the best out of it,” said Pumma.