Bellevue’s Snowflake Lane Adapts to COVID Restrictions

Jessica Barranco, Staff Writer

    In previous years, Bellevue’s Snowflake Lane was a hotspot of holiday cheer. Despite the challenges COVID-19 provides, The Bellevue Collection directors arranged an event that continues the much-loved tradition in a safe and socially distant way.


    Over the past 15 years, Snowflake Lane has resided in the Bellevue Square area. Typically, it encompasses a holiday show starting at 7:00 p.m. sharp. During the event, attendees are able to enjoy a parade filled with music, lights, customs and laughter. But this year there will be no parade. 


    Instead, Q13 Fox Seattle reports that The Bellevue Collection will feature a walk-thru or drive-through experience featuring classic Snowflake Lane decor, colorful lights, joyful music and, of course, intermittent snowfall along Bellevue Way between Bellevue Square and Lincoln Square. Attendees are required to wear masks and maintain social distance. 


    Snowflake Lane will run Friday, November 27 through Thursday, December 24, every night from 5-9 p.m.


     The show’s directors are happy with the changes. “We really wanted to still be able to bring some of those kinds of key things that people really love about it, which for us was the snow, the lights, and the music,” said vice president of marketing for the Bellevue Collection Jennifer Leavitt to “Unfortunately, there are no performers this year for everybody’s safety.”


    In addition to staff and directors, many loyal and consistent visitors from the past few years also have different opinions on the revised event. “We go there every year, to see the parade, my favorite memory is when we buy hot cocoa in the cold weather and enjoy the parade, I also like receiving candy from the performers I usually put the candy canes they give us in my hot cocoa it’s the best thing ever,” said North Creek High School sophomore Daisy Nolasco.