55 Minute Lunch Run

Wyatt Niemiec, Writer

    North Creek students can build a big appetite while working so hard in school. Lunchtime is one of the only breaks they actually get, in this time students struggle to find what restaurants besides fast food they can get for lunch while still getting back in the 55 minutes of break. So I have decided to put together a list of the top-rated restaurants in my opinion and use the fact of how far they are from the north creek area.

    First up we have Panera bread. Panera Bread is a 9-minute drive from anywhere in the north creek area, and even shorter at the school itself. Panera bread is known for its bread hence the name. Some even say it’s to die for. But for “filling foods” they have a range of options from pasta and salads, to sandwiches, and even smoothies, Panera has it all. And you can get two of those meals with their mix-n-match option. 

    Next up we have Tablas Woodstone. Only being a 12-minute drive to Mill Creek from the North Creek area it’s a good bang for your buck. Woodstone serves lunch and dinner, they serve a variety of sandwiches including the popular club sandwich. Woodstone offers burgers, salads, and several types of meat served in different styles. While there are many more items that could be listed these are the most requested meals.

    Next up we have The Lodge Sports-Grill. This is a 12 minute drive from the North Creek area to the Mill Creek area. This restaurant serves close to any lunch meal you can think of. Their burgers are highly rated by many people and most would recommend. If burgers aren’t your thing they have excellent vegetarian options.

    Last up we have Mcdonald’s. Mcdonald’s can be found pretty much anywhere, the closest one only being an 11-minute drive from the North Creek area. Most teens will find most food here appetizing and the price appealing. Mcdonald’s has a selection of different burgers of different sizes They have salads, chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, and much more. Mcdonalds also has a compile of desserts such as Mcflurries, ice cream, milkshakes and more. As well as soft drinks, lemonade, and coffee. With quick serving times Mcdonald’s is a great place for a quick meal.