Annual One-Acts Take the Virtual Stage

Annual One-Acts Take the Virtual Stage

Leah Bromagen

    NCHS sophomore Aislin Modroo, along with her fellow classmates, sat before her computer, brimming with a combination of excitement and nervousness only a young actor could feel.

    She anxiously shifted in her seat as the Zoom waiting room flashed across her computer screen. But as she was transferred to the Main Room, her anxiety instantly morphed to quiet anticipation.

    This was it, the moment that she and every other Theatre student had been waiting for. The start of the production that every student actor and student director had been preparing for. The beginning of the 2020-21 school year One-Act Festival.

    Now, almost a month and a half later, the excitement has far from faded. Each student, actor, or director is eager to appear in this year’s festival. “I’d like to take any of the opportunities I can to be a part of theatre acting,” said Modroo. Her classmate, junior Brock Handley, agrees with her. “In the past years, the One Acts have been very fun, and I expected this year to be no different,” said Handley.

    It appears that not even the Covid-19 pandemic has been able to stop these students from finding a way to perform. Although, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t an impact. “This year you can expect the One Acts Festival to be different because you’ll be able to watch them all at home. It’s going to be more of a short film festival than on stage like normal,” said sophomore Tony Fotos.

    NCHS Drama Teacher, Timothy Hagerman, confirmed this. “Like everything currently being produced by schools that are online-only, they will be recorded, edited, and presented online as Video On Demand. Directors will also be learning editing skills while they craft their One Acts. Another good thing that has resulted is that we used Flipgrid for Auditions, which allowed the actors, in theory, to submit their best work and directors more time to spend looking over the auditions. It may also create an opportunity to Live Stream our future performances to relatives and others that are unable to come to the theatre,” said Hagerman.

    Even though the cast list was officially released on January 18th of this year, some student directors have wasted no time in getting their productions started. “For some productions, filming has begun. It’s crazy!” said junior Aria Fowler.

    However, while the students are quick to rehearse, no release date has been agreed upon for this year’s One Acts. “I don’t know the release date, but I know I need my tape in by March 1st,” said senior and student director Avery Larson. Her fellow director, Kane Carmical, knew only a vague timeline. “They were supposed to be scheduled in March but our radio plays that we are producing took a little longer than expected, so I’d expect them to be arriving sometime in spring,” said Carmical.

    Hagerman was able to provide an actual date. “The One Acts are currently scheduled to release over the March 25 weekend. We are working on finalizing the streaming rights with the Publishers,” said Hagerman.