Student Musicians in Quarantine

Lito Godolphin

    The music world is a big place, but like others, it has been temporarily hadicapped due to the COVID19 virus. So how are the musicians coping, or learning? How are they exercising their musical talents during this hard time? 

    ¨It’s harder to learn how to improv¨ said guitarist Nathan West, as he explains the difficulties of learning through an online class. Nathan is a guitar student who due to the pandemic, attends online guitar classes with his teacher. He shares that he has a harder time learning new skills through his online education. ¨We pretty much just go over what we already know¨ he continues. ¨Imagine how much harder it would be if i were in a band, because you wouldn’t be able to jam with your friends¨ He states. Another student explains his problems for different reasons. ¨I have a lot more school work now, so it’s a lot harder to jam¨ Says guitar student Pranay. Since quarantine started, Prany has not been able to attend his guitar classes, simply because his teacher doesn’t provide online lessons. Pranay states that because of that, he has lost his enthusiasm, and now practices less. ¨I kinda just practice for about an hour whenever I feel like it.¨

    Although these students have had struggles, they´ve been able to overcome them with time to stay musically in touch, so what do they practice to keep their skills polished? ¨What I do is do scale practice for about thirty minutes a day with a metronome, then I warm up with some AC/DC and Van Hallen¨ Nathan explains. ¨I especially like to focus on solo practices and classical music like Beethoven and Bach¨ Playing classical music is a common way for guitarists to develop their skills, and Nathan says that has more time now to perfect them. Pranay also states that he plays classical music and scales. ¨I do my basic warmups for about fifteen minutes but it really depends on my mood.¨ Pranay also says that he now drums less. ¨Now that my family and neighbors are home all the time, I can’t drum as much, since I have an acoustic and not an electric drum set.¨

    Nathan and Pranay are both talented musicians, who have worked tooth and nail for the skills they have acquired now, and even though they have found ways to battle through their struggles, they both are counting down the days till the end of quarantine to enjoy and spread their music with others. But until then, they continue to practice and hone themselves even more to make one of the grandest musical reappearances.