Ninth-Graders Struggle with Online Learning

Stephen Woodward

    “Sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair,” said North Creek ninth-grader Silas Woodward, “like we are being expected to do things we’ve never done before. And all through a computer screen.” It’s challenging to comprehend the unique struggles current ninth graders face, waking up each weekday to attend classes at a school many have never set foot in. 

    Although many of them have been put into tough situations, some ninth-graders are finding new ways to keep themselves focused and doing well in school. “I just have my mom take my phone away, and then I make sure to stay as focused as possible. I also wake up an hour before school starts, so I am wide awake during all my periods,” said 9th grader Leon Angel.

    Yet unlike Leon, many other 9th grade students are struggling with school. “It’s so hard to focus, with brothers and sisters running around, and everything being so easy to not pay attention to. I just really struggle sometimes,” said Silas Woodward. 

    More often than not, this is the case for many of the students. “I teach multiple grade levels, and the 9th graders struggle more than any other I’ve ever taught. With school being online, I see the struggle for so many students more than I ever have,” said ASL teacher Deborah Jacobsen.

    Online classes are genuinely taking a toll on students in many ways; teachers and students alike note the first semester’s difficulties. “I just hope we can turn things around and get back on track, things are a little shaky right now, but my hopes are high for the next semester,” said Jacobsen. With the hopes of things turning around, students and staff are looking ahead to a better finish to the 2021 online school year.