Band Sticks Together in Remembrance of Dr. Montague


Christian Schwindt, Sports Editor

    Former North Creek Band and Orchestra Director Dr. Deborah Montague, who passed away suddenly on October 2nd, made an impact on her students both in and out of the classroom. She taught students not only to master an instrument themselves, but to come together and create something beautiful with one another. Many of her students fondly recall her motto; “Band Sticks Together” as a reminder to her students the idea that music is about family and that they should stick with one another no matter the ups and downs.

     Dr. Montague earned her Master of Arts in Music Education from the University of Washington, her Doctorate in Music Education from Boston University, and her Principal/Administrator Certification from City University. Her love for music reflected in her teaching. “She had an immense knowledge of music,” said Senior Jackson Cook. 

    In addition to her erudition, Dr. Montague’s continuous advocacy for music deeply impacted her students. “She had this way of speaking and teaching that touched her students,” said Cook. Those who knew her recall that the way she spoke with students was also something that made her teaching special. “She communicated not like a teacher-student way, but a mama bear sort of way,” said Senior Lexi Nield. 

    Seniors Cook and Nield appreciated how Dr. Montague always made herself available as a resource for her students, helping them whichever way she could. “You could go to her for anything, she would stick her neck out for you,” said Nield.

    Dr. Montague made a lasting impression on the North Creek Community. She will be remembered fondly by her students and all the lives she touched.