Is school cancelled? Do I still get to graduate? Is homework optional? These are some of the questions the Class of 2020 are thinking about.

In this global pandemic a lot has happened. For the Class of 2020 this is a big year. The year they graduate high school. But not just that this is also the year filled with our last homecoming, our last high school football game, our Prom, senior breakfast, and senior skip day. Our year got cut short because of COVID 19. We asked the senior class of North Creek High School how they are doing in this quarantine. 

The first question we asked them was about their thoughts about the rest of the being cancelled. There was a wide range of responses to this question. A lot of them said they were shocked at first like it wasn’t real. But overtime they realized that this meant they wouldn’t see their friends for a long time and made them sad. One response said, “Oh sweet! and then I realized school wasn’t what got cancelled cuz I still have to do HW, it’s just that I can’t be around my friends anymore. Socializing got cancelled.” The last part was big for me, socializing got cancelled. School is a place where we come to learn but in the 21st century we’re able to learn online, but another aspect of school is the socializing part. Yes we aren’t supposed to talk in class but as humans we are naturally social people and so when we get the news that we can’t see our friends in person it sucks.

Another question we asked was did you buy your prom dress or suit yet? 58.6% of the people didn’t buy theirs yet but that left 41.4% of the people that responded. From talking to different people they spent a lot of money on their dress or suits so at first they were sad. But luckily we were able to reschedule our prom to a time in July which is great. That is one of the good things to happen for us. We got a lot of responses hoping to have prom but at a later date. 

We also asked how the online classes are going? This is where we got a wide range of responses. From people saying it was just like normal classes to people hating them because they weren’t doing anything. I think for the senior class this is a hard time of the year. We have a lot on our plate. Scholarships, job applications, housing for college, college acceptance just to name a few. To add on top senioritis, students in their final year of high school are characterized by a decline in motivation. It has hit hard for a lot of seniors especially cause we’re doing school in the same place we sleep. It gets tough.

The Class of 2020 has hit a road bump in the road of life. We missed out on our spring season of senior year. Luckily we have prom in July to look forward towards. From one senior to another “We got this!”