North Creek’s DIY Hairstylists

Rebekah Lindsay

With hair salons and barbershops closed as non-essential businesses, many people—including North Creek students—in need of a haircut have resorted to cutting and dying their own hair. Under normal circumstances, changing one’s hair is often a carefully planned decision, meticulously executed by a trusted stylist; however, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Junior Benson Voss buzzed his previously green hair off. He said simply, “It was getting in his face.” Others like senior Maddy Chriest took the opportunity to experiment with their style. She said, “I always wanted bangs and was going to get them cut with my hairdresser but then the quarantine came, so I decided to just try it.” Sophomore Lavani Sharma also cut bangs and was pleased with her results. Although Sharma admitted that she cut her hair because she “felt impulsive and needed a change.”

Since school is cancelled and Governor Jay Inslee has said that many restrictions will be extended past the May 4th stay-at-home order, some insist that quarantine is the perfect place to experiment without fearing what other people may think. Voss said, “It’s not like anyone’s going to see it at school.” Similarly, junior Sydney Simmons—who recently added blond highlights to her brown hair—said, “If I messed up, it’s not like I’m going anywhere in public for people to see it.”

Sophomore Lavani Sharma chopped her own bangs during quarantine.
Junior Benson Voss buzzed his lime-green hair at home.
Junior Sydney Simmons added highlights to her brown hair.










Like Simmons, others have chosen to change their hair using another transformation method: dyeing. Sophomore Kane Carmical dyed his dirty-blond hair, a dark bluish-purple. Carmical said, “My family doesn’t like it, but I quite enjoy it.” Sydney Simmons’ sister, freshman Daphne Simmons said, “I bleached the ends of my hair and I’m actually in love with it.” 

Freshman Daphne Simmons DIYed an ombre look.
Junior Kane Carmical dyed his hair a bold purple.
Senior Maddy Chriest cut her own bangs.









Despite overwhelmingly positive results, students’ had mixed feelings about whether or not they would repeat their transformations outside of quarantine. Daphne Simmons said, “I would definitely do it again even if we weren’t in quarantine because I am very pleased with how it turned out!” However, Sharma disagreed saying, “I probably wouldn’t if I didn’t have quarantine.”  Chriest stands by her overall style choice, but she did say, “I probably wouldn’t have done it if I wasn’t in quarantine,” and instead she said, “I would have just gotten it done by my hairdresser.” Voss would have also opted to get his hair done by a professional.