The 2021 Senior Year: 8 Weeks and Graduation

The 2021 Senior Year: 8 Weeks and Graduation

     With 8 weeks left in a school year for the history books, North Creek students were finally allowed to head back in person. Granted it’s in groups and only two days a week. It’s still quite a big deal. But what about the seniors? The class of 2021 definitely had a senior year to remember. Not in the typical fashion, but a memorable year of nothing. Seniors tend to check out around the end of first semester. This year, Senioritis is at an all-time high. Now that the seniors are basically “starting for real” in the final stretch. 

     While some seniors came back to finish out the rest of their high school years in person, some opted to continue online school. “My parents didn’t feel it was safe enough and I work,” said Senior Avery Kubat. Some parents and students understandably don’t feel comfortable coming back to school. Covid-19 is still happening and it seems unsafe to put a ton of kids in one building together. Seniors are also becoming adults and are preparing to start the next chapter of their lives. With all of the time spent out of school, many have gotten jobs. This is a conflict with going to in-person school. 

      “I kept my hopes up for a few months, but by the time they announced we could go back I decided not to considering I’ve already been moving on with my life. I’ve been preparing for college, working, and keeping a good GPA in hybrid learning,” said Senior Taylor Van Ruiten. This seems to be a common trend among the class of 2021. The majority of their senior year has been done from their bedroom. Most already have plans for next year and have mentally moved on from high school. This last period is just finishing up the year preparing to graduate. 

     Seniors who have come back to school are trying to make the best of their final weeks of senior year. “I feel like my senior year is going pretty good. It definitely looks a lot different than what I would’ve liked but it’s all good, “ said Senior Jackon Endsley. But Endsley isn’t the only one dissatisfied by this year. “I’m pretty bummed out about our senior year so far, however the parents have been trying really hard to give us a little bit of fun and I really appreciate that,” said Senior Riley Ramcke. 

     To seniors, coming back at the end of the year can seem useless. But to Ramcke, this is better than remote. “ I mean it sucks we are coming back so dang late and for only two days a week, but honestly it’s better than nothing,” said Ramcke. Endsley’s feelings on the subject are quite similar as well. “ I’m happy we are back. I missed seeing people, so I don’t mind the two day thing. I feel like not seeing people has made me more of a special person when we got back, so I’ve seen myself grow a little bit, which I enjoy, “ said Endsley.

     After spending about 3 and a half years in the high school environment, the change of hybrid was a lot different. “ I think the changes are good. When I first heard about it, I thought it was a little iffy, but now that I have been able to experience it, I think the school and the district have done a good job with the rules. The only thing I don’t like is that I feel like we’ve got a lot more homework these past few weeks than we did in remote school,” said Ramcke, “lots of the precautions seem a bit over the top to me but I’ll put up with anything for more human contact.” 

     Seniors’ most notable and memorable time of their high school experience was taken away from them due to Covid-19. Nearing the very end they had an opportunity to get some sense of normality back, it was up to them to decide if it was worth it or not. While some seniors came back to see friends and “say goodbye” to high school, others have moved on. The class of 2021 is on their way to graduating and starting their adult lives.