COVID-19 Experiences Among NSD Students

COVID-19 Experiences Among NSD Students

Zach Zbiegien

Just over a year has gone by since Northshore School District and schools across the world shut down and moved to virtual learning. Still to this day majority of schools across the country are still online. With that being said though, schools will be starting to open up before the end of the school year.

With vaccines becoming more available to the public and people getting tired of being in quarantine, pressure is being put on the government to open things up. The question remains: Is that the right decision?

A current Senior at North Creek High School shared her recent covid experience except it wasn’t just hers. Back in February Mesa Schmoll’s whole family (besides her mom) came down with Covid all at the same time.

“We would usually go between my mom’s and dad’s house but when my mom tested negative, me, my sister, and my dad all quarantined at my dad’s house. Throughout the nine days we were sick, we did work and school in our own space and watched movies together,” Schmoll said.

She believes her family came down with it after a trip to Crescent Bar with more family and friends. “At the end of the weekend we all started to feel sick,” Schmoll said. Her symptoms were low and she had body aches, a cough, and headaches. The same went for her family members.

It took around 8-10 days for her family to recover. Other students within the Northshore School District were also asked about their experiences with a positive diagnosis. Seniors at Woodinville High School Jack Beresford and Sam Bowen had similar experiences.

“It was pretty low maintenance and boring. My parents would bring me food and water and leave it outside my bedroom. As far as symptoms go it felt similar to the flu. I started feeling better about a week after I started to feel sick,” Bowen said.

Beresford said some similar things about his experience “I was fine, but my throat would get really sore and hurt from time to time but other than that I was fine,” he said. Both students made a full recovery.