Fans Allowed to Watch High School Sports Again in Some Capacity


Ryan Aceto, Sports Writer

    The sight of family, friends and fellow classmates allowed back at sporting events was a view and feeling that players didn’t think they would get because of the COVID-19 scare at the beginning of the season.

   The school sport’s season has been rough, there was a lot of uncertainty at the beginning, getting the seasons pushed back into late February and early May didn’t leave a lot of promise. But eventually we were able to get the sports season started, rigorous COVID-19 testing every Wednesday and daily temperature checks before practices was just the beginning. The next step was to bring back fans. People needed tickets for the games along with an attestation form needing to be filled out. Certain sporting events didn’t need forms though while other sporting events did require them. This was the North Shore school district’s first plan of action.

   The smart idea they had to safely allow fans back into events was to fill out an attestation form. This would also come with a certain amount of tickets players were allowed to give to people. These people could be anyone they wanted from family, relatives or friends, as long as they had a ticket and filled out the form they could come in.

   For the district to allow senior player parents back to watch games first, was truly a special moment for them. For a lot of players defending on the sort they are participating in, it could be the last time their parents get to watch them play. It was also more special than usual because since the season’s were only about a month long allowing for the parents of seniors to be first allowed to watch made the shortened season worth more value in their minds.

    Most players, having people at their games is what makes them continue to play the game. Having their family, friends and other classmates there cheering them on and continuously wanting their school to do well enough to win. For fans to be finally allowed back in allowed for a sense of normalcy to be brought back to games. For example most of the time the national anthem is pretty quiet but when there are only parents of seniors there you could hear crickets it was so quiet. So when the district was allowing more than just senior player parents to come, it allowed for it to feel like it was before COVID-19, with more screaming and cheering made it feel like COVID-19 wasn’t even a thing anymore. 

   As a player having it been so quiet during the national anthem, made it seem as if you were the only person in the stadium. It made it feel like there wasn’t even a game being played. So having fans there really made it like the players had a purpose to be there and to perform like they would if the stadium was filled to capacity.

   People who wanted to attend certain sporting events needed to fill out an attestation form that would also come with a ticket stapled to it. People would then need to fill out the form saying if they have or haven’t had any COVID-19 related symptoms, if that’s the case and they have their ticket they would be allowed in. Originally players were only given two tickets for the games, but since the state went into phase 3, players were eventually given 4 tickets which was very convenient because it allowed for more family or relatives to come.

   To end off having fans back supporting their kids and their friends while also getting to enjoy high school sports again was a great feeling for players, coaches, and the parents who were given the form and the tickets.