Covid-19 in Nursing Homes

Covid-19 in Nursing Homes

Kennadi Gerchow

     It is known that people 60 years and older or with health conditions are at high risk for covid. Nursing home residents fit these criteria and it is crucial for regulations to be followed. 

     The residents in nursing homes are at high risk and it seems to have added more pressure on the workers. “Working around people who are high risk puts a lot of pressure on you. You not only are trying to be safe for yourself and your family, but you have to be safe for all those residents. Covid for a healthy teenager could be nothing, but for someone of that age it could be fatal,” said Reagan Ellis. The residents are there because they need help with day-to-day tasks. Now with covid-19 in the picture, workers need to be extra cautious not to get or pass on the virus to susceptible people. “You need to think twice before making a decision. You can’t mess around cause someone’s life could be at stake.” Said Baboucarr Joof. This shows just how serious Covid-19 is, especially to the residents. These are not people who can recover quickly and contracting the virus could cost them their life.

     The residents’ lives have changed drastically since covid. It makes one wonder how the people living in nursing homes are feeling. “Covid has really taken a toll on all the residents. Before covid residents could socialize with each other and all eat together in the dining rooms. When covid hit, all of that was cut off. They couldn’t even see their families outside of video chatting, which is very difficult and confusing for that generation,” said Reagan Ellis. The residents have lived their whole lives being able to socialize and now that factor has been taken away. They are being affected just like the rest of us, but even worse. Residents don’t see their families as often when in a nursing home, but now with Covid-19, they don’t get to see them at all. “The residents couldn’t leave their rooms because we were in quarantine for the longest time. For example, a resident named Rosemary didn’t leave her room for 9 months straight because she was scared and therefore made the residents like her sad and lost motivation throughout the day” said Ken Baxter. This is another example of just how Covid-19 is affecting everyone’s mental health. People all over are losing motivation and especially being stuck in a room all alone makes it really hard. This shows a whole new view of isolation.

     People staying and working in nursing homes have been able to get the Covid-19 vaccine. This is because the residents are at high risk and need to be vaccinated. “we actually just got our second shot yesterday. All residents staff and immediate family members were able to get the vaccine,” said Ken Baxter. It is convenient that the people in contact with the residents have gotten the opportunity to get vaccinated early. “The process was easy, I just came in, filled out some paperwork, and got my shot,” said Baboucarr Joof. It’s nice how easy getting the vaccine was made for them. It is also great that the nursing homes provide getting the vaccine there.

     Covid-19 has taken a toll on nursing homes in many aspects. Workers have to be on their game at all times to keep residents safe and protect all of those around them, Residents are isolated with minimal social interaction and their lives have changed drastically, and the vaccine is being distributed throughout nursing homes. Keeping people safe seems to be the number one priority and new respect can be found for everyone in nursing homes.